DHI Hair Transplantation in Fethiye

DHI (Direct Hair Implantiation) hair transplantation method, as the name suggests, is a direct planting method. The difference from the other hair transplantation method is that the roots are placed in a special pen and sowing without opening the canal. Advantages include more frequent planting. The disadvantage is that there are more teams and the cost is higher. DHI hair transplantation is described by some patients as a separate method of FUE hair transplantation in some hair transplant centers. There are two ways of hair transplantation. One is FUT and the other is FUE.

In DHI hair transplantation, it is the process of transplanting without opening the canal by placing the roots taken from the donor area with FUE into a pen. It should be noted here; without opening the canal with slit or other apparatus, but the roots of the DHI pen to place the root of the tip with a pointed apparatus into the tissue leaving the grafts into the tissue. The most important factor in DHI hair transplantation is not to damage the roots when inserting the grafts into the pen.

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