Female Hair Transplantation

In order to eliminate the problem of male pattern hair loss that causes aesthetic and cosmetic problems, Female Hair Transplantation is an effective and successful treatment method. You can reach important topics such as the Methods Used in Hair Transplantation and Women’s Hair Transplantation in our article.

Hair is an important complement for women, especially in terms of completing the aesthetic appearance. For this reason, we can say that today many women are sensitive about hair care and they try to prevent this hair loss by applying applications against male pattern hair loss and genetic hair loss.

Today, many methods are used by women to increase hair density and restore hair health. However, these alternative methods cannot prevent hair loss. As a result, a sparse and lifeless hair structure emerges. At this stage; It is possible to state that the most effective method being applied is Female Hair Transplantation. With this method, permanent results can be obtained without the need for any chemical treatment, and by increasing the hair density, it is possible to grow more vibrant, bushy and healthier new hair.

By performing a pre-control before hair transplantation in women who successfully improve the aesthetic appearance of women by offering superior results in hair loss and hair thinning; You can perform a preliminary check by making use of our free examination to make hair analysis, determine the type of hair loss and evaluate the factors that cause hair loss.

You can use the contact form below to request an appointment for a free examination before hair transplantation for women who provide patient satisfaction and successful results in genetic and permanent hair loss, to get information about hair transplantation in women or to get information about Women’s Hair Transplantation prices.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?

Before proceeding to the hair transplantation process, a good hair analysis is done first. During this analysis, it is evaluated whether the hair loss is temporary or permanent. After examining the hormonal values, the factors causing hair loss are discussed and transplantation is started in line with these parameters.

This procedure, which is performed using the FUE Hair Transplant Method in women, is the same as the hair transplantation procedure applied in men. In other words, the basic principle of the procedure is to transfer the hair follicles taken from the person’s own tissue to another area. In another sense, the donor area is selected from the hairy area of the person who will have the hair transplant. However, before the donor area selection, the area to be transplanted is examined and the number of grafts is determined.

With the transition to Female Hair Transplantation, the area to be transplanted is anesthetized under local anesthesia, thereby increasing the patient’s comfort. After this process, which is performed with the FUE method, the collected hair follicles are placed one by one in the channels opened in the area to be transplanted, according to the natural direction of the hair. After the collected grafts are placed one by one into the channels opened in the balding area, the hair transplantation process is terminated.

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