Fethiye Turkey Hair Transplant

Fethiye Turkey hair transplantation is practiced in the world by two methods. FUT and FUE (Follieular Unit Extraction) techniques. It is the most recently used FUE method. Hair transplantation between the two ears from the nape of the area that is not spilled in the area of the so-called 0.7mm punch is taken to transfer the hairless area is called. For the first time in 1940, the Japanese Dermetologist. Made by Okuda.

Since the death of World War II, no study was conducted until 1970. In 1988, Benstain FUT transplantation can be done by hair transplantation in 2002. FUE method began to be applied.

The first FUE hair transplantation was started with 1.5 mm punches and when the results of hair transplantation were doll heads and grass man images, punches were used a little more thinner channel direction and more natural hair transplantation methods were obtained. Nowadays, 0.7 mm punches give the most natural result. Some companies have even thought that 0.7 mm punches are 0.8 mm thick and 0.75 mm punches. Hair transplantation is only a thin hair does not mean that it will be a natural hair transplantation. The materials used to open the canals give direction to the canals and the number of grafts per square cm are factors that affect a natural hair transplantation. In the first FUE hair transplantation, because the punches were thick, the channels were opened with thicker materials and the results were not as desired.

Nowadays, there are hair transplantation centers that open with thinner needle tips because the canals are made with thinner punctures. In this section, let us explain the stages of hair transplantation. Although it varies according to hair transplantation centers, in many hair transplantation centers, since sedation anesthesia is not given, patients are asked to have breakfast. Make sure your hair is clean with no chemicals such as jelly, spray or topical. Firstly, the line of the area to be transplanted is determined. Although this stage may seem very simple, it is not. The right and left sides of the line may not be equal. You need to be careful not to be too low or too high above the line. After the line is determined, hair is shaved and the planting process is started.

Stages of Hair Transplantation:

  • Hair Analysis and Hair Transplantation Drawings
  • Detailed Description of Procedures to be Applied to the Patient
  • Preparation of the patient for operation and graft procedure
  • Opening of the grafts with the sapphire tip
  • Insertion of Grafts into Grooving Channels
  • Preparing and Discharging the Patient

Hair Analysis and Hair Transplantation Drawings

It is the first procedure that should be done to the patient before hair transplantation. Every patient wants hair to be lush and dense after planting. As a result of the observation, the patient is informed about the quality of the existing hair and the size of the area to be planted and how the result of planting will be or not. The drawings made at this stage form the basis of the operation.

Detailed Description of Procedures to be Applied to the Patient

How hair transplantation will take place is undoubtedly a matter of curiosity for all our patients. Detailed information about the whole process is provided for our patients to undergo peace of mind and operation. Our patients thus have information about all stages of the process.

Preparation of the patient for operation and graft procedure

The patient is given detailed information 1 week before the operation. After the necessary preparations are made on the day of the operation, grafting is performed from the donor area in accordance with the drawings. Root uptake process takes two forms. Manual punch and micromotor punches. The method used by more than 90% people, even the most, is micromotor punctures. Micro motor also needs to be careful to increase the speed of the engine should not be taken to damage the roots. Some hair transplantation centers are said to have killed the roots because of the heat it gives to the environment by rotating the micro motor around its axis. No matter how fast it works, it is impossible to damage the roots with heat.

Opening of the grafts with the sapphire tip

At this stage, grooving process is performed with the inserts produced from sapphire. Sapphire tip opened channels to heal faster and less deformed in the scalp because of its use is increasing. Since the sapphire tip is sharper and thinner, more frequent channel opening is provided. Sapphire end operations with less damage to the nerves and capillaries under the skin reduces the likelihood of necrosis to almost zero percent of bleeding. Sapphire tips are also available according to graft thickness and length as in the razor blade.

Insertion of Grafts into Grooving Channels

Grafts that are removed from the donor area and kept in a special solution. After the opening of the channels with sapphire tip is placed in the opened channel. This process should be performed with the same precision as all other operations. Depending on the condition of the received grafts, the selected grafts should be placed in the appropriate regions in order to obtain the most natural appearance.

Preparing and Discharging the Patient

After sowing is completed, the patient is prepared to be discharged. The final status of the patient is checked and necessary information is provided and the patient is discharged.

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